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Sustainable results through meaningful insight

An NGO that wants to achieve sustainable results needs insight. Insight into project progress. Insight into the effectiveness of programmes. Insight into the extent to which strategic objectives are being achieved. We help NGOs to achieve sustainable results by providing them with meaningful insight.


A look at projects, programmes and result areas

Promeva is user-friendly cloud software that enables NGO workers throughout the world to register structured data about their projects. Promeva combines qualitative and quantitative field data with data from the financial system. These data are the basic ingredients of dashboards that provide crystal clear insight into the progress of projects, programmes and result areas.

Let data tell your NGO’s story

By providing insight into the results of projects, programmes and your organisation to colleagues, partners, donors and other stakeholders, we create transparency, control, efficiency and optimum collaboration. What is more, with Promeva the data tell a clear story that NGOs can use to provide potential donors with optimum information.

Enhancing the culture of transparency

Promeva’s strengths include a combination of the top-down and bottom-up approaches. As an NGO, your strategic objectives and how programmes and projects support those objectives are determined on a high echelon. Project workers everywhere in the world then enter the relevant, strictly formatted, qualitative and quantitative data about their projects. 

This creates a solid data foundation on the basis of which insight is given into the performance of the individual projects and the umbrella programmes. Sub-par project results can be identified and addressed at an early stage. You also have a clear view of how the individual projects and programmes are contributing to the realisation of overall objectives. 


Quick generation of IATI reports

To an increasing degree, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is being adopted as the standard within which NGOs are required to account for their activities. Promeva has extensive, in-depth IATI know-how, as you will quickly discover. With Promeva, you can quickly and easily generate reports in accordance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The time needed to collect all of the information and create comprehensive and accurate XML reports will be reduced from days to only minutes.


Although Promeva is part of AllSolutions, the software will run smoothly with your financial platform. Getting started with Promeva is literally a matter of plug-and-play: its implementation takes almost no time. This makes the software perfect for an agile approach. You can start small, with a single project or programme and gradually scale up.

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