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About Promeva

We help NGOs to achieve sustainable results by providing them with meaningful insight. Promeva combines in-depth development aid experience with state-of-the-art options in the areas of both monitoring & evaluation and information technology.


Conceptualised and developed in an NGO

Promeva originated inside ICCO, an organisation that works to reduce poverty and malnutrition in countries plagued by climate change and natural disasters. ICCO made the time and room available to develop Promeva. The software was warmly received. Through intensive use in daily practice, Promeva was continually improved and expanded. Soon other NGOs were using this solution.

Enhanced by AllSolutions

In 2020, Promeva became a part of AllSolutions, a software provider for NGOs and other project-oriented businesses. Organisations including Hivos and AgriProFocus trust AllSolutions for the day-to-day support of their processes. This has helped AllSolutions to acquire an immense amount of knowledge in respect of IATI. This knowledge has made its way to Promeva, as well. As part of a professional cloud company with in-depth knowledge of NGO processes, Promeva continues its optimum development. Our professional helpdesk will provide the right support for your questions.  

Promeva is completely plug-and-play, will fit into any IT architecture and can run in tandem with any financial platform. Combined with the AllSolutions business software, however, numerous interesting options are available to NGOs, for example in the areas of project management, finances and collaboration.

"AgriProFocus has gained control over projects and financial accounts in thirteen countries."

Lisette van Benthum Manager Financial Strategy AgriProFocus
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In a world where IT products and services are increasingly uniform, organisations can only distinguish themselves by truly adding value, for both their clients and their principals. But also for their employees, partners, suppliers and even society. With the AllSolutions online business software, NGOs and other project-oriented organisations can truly show their worth.