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The world around us is changing rapidly. NGOs need to respond to crises quickly and to optimally attune aid to the need. More than ever before, they also need to be able to tell their story and substantiate their impact. Learn about the three challenges today’s NGOs must face, for which Promeva offers a solution.


Keeping control of projects and programmes

NGOs have enthusiastic workers and partners who perfectly perform the field work. However, their strengths are usually not monitoring the budget, managing the planning and registering the data you need for your project reports, which can pose quite a challenge for your organisation. Especially because projects frequently run for many years and donors are always watching.

This makes it important to keep control of projects. This can be done by registering the strategic characteristics of your programmes and projects in a uniform, organisation-wide top-down structure. This lays the foundation for consolidating project figures per region and generating uniform reports. Because all of the characteristics are uniformly registered, you will be able to easily demonstrate exactly what you have achieved. 

Equally as important as a top-down framework is registering information from the bottom up. Workers need a tool with which they can easily add their input within a fixed format. 

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Fundraising based on demonstrable achievements

Donors join forces with you because they feel a connection. Shared ideals and enthusiasm for a specific theme. The relationship between people plays an important role in this regard. Cashing in on that connection requires confidence. The challenge, therefore, is showing confidence.

As an NGO, you must be able to demonstrate what you have achieved with individual projects in a manner that is crystal clear. The performance of overall programmes needs to be demonstrable, not to mention showing your score within your strategic result areas. All of this information needs to be published live. On your website, for example. This makes the most up-to-date information available to everyone, creating a showcase for your achievements.

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Clear reporting according to IATI guidelines

Donors want you to show them that investing in your programmes was the right decision. This is a matter of not only willingness, but obligation as well. Fuelled by legislation and regulations, a number of guidelines have been drawn up in recent years to ensure that the spending of funds is accounted for in a uniform and correct manner.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is the standard within which NGOs are increasingly being required to render account. IATI examines the qualitative aspects of the work. But IATI also addresses quantitative aspects like the origin, allocation and spending of financial resources. 

In order to do this, it is important to establish an appropriate structure for programmes and the accompanying projects. This will enable you to account in detail for all funds and work in progress, while also consolidating data at the programme level. 

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