AllSolutions acquires Promeva from ICCO

AllSolutions acquires Promeva from NGO ICCO. Promeva is user-friendly cloud software that gives NGOs insight into the progress and impact of their current projects. Reporting on projects is also made easy with Promeva. 

An NGO that wants to achieve sustainable results needs insight. Insight into project progress. Insight into the effectiveness of programmes. Insight into the extent to which strategic objectives are being achieved. Promeva helps NGOs to achieve sustainable results by providing them with meaningful insight.

Structured reporting

The software enables NGO workers throughout the world to register structured data about their projects. It combines qualitative and quantitative field data with data from the financial system. These data are the basic ingredients of dashboards that provide crystal clear insight into the progress of projects, programmes and result areas. What is more, using Promeva enables NGOs to quickly and rapidly generate reports on their projects in accordance with the IATI standards. Promeva reduces the time involved for NGOs in drawing up these reports from a few days to only a few minutes.

Developed within an NGO

Promeva was developed within the NGO ICCO. This organisation based in Utrecht offers support for farmers and small enterprises in countries with low to medium-sized incomes. Initially, only ICCO used the system to manage and evaluate its projects. In recent years various other NGOs have also switched to Promeva. 

Contributing to Promeva

“AllSolutions’ acquisition of Promeva feels logical,” says Jan van Wijgaarden, director at AllSolutions. “A variety of NGOs use our business software for organising their internal processes. Promeva seamlessly adds to this. Because Promeva is now part of the AllSolutions family, we can utilise our knowledge of the sector and our cloud expertise to improve and enhance the software.” In addition to the software, AllSolutions has acquired the developers responsible for creating the software and who have contributed to Promeva in recent years. 

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