Impact by Insight


A better way to tell and substantiate your story

Promeva serves NGOs that want to make a difference that is permanent. We do this by providing you with meaningful insight that tells a complete, fact-based story about the results of your projects and programmes. Precisely what you need to monitor progress and tell your NGO's story even better.


Reporting software for NGOs

Promeva offers user-friendly software that will enable NGO workers throughout the world to share structured qualitative and quantitative data concerning their projects. Promeva combines information from the field with data from the financial system to provide crystal clear insight AND easily generate IATI reports.


In the cloud

Promeva can be accessed in the cloud anywhere and at any time, putting an end to unnecessary hardware investments. What is more: workers in the field everywhere in the world can retrieve and transmit information, even at low bandwidths, problem-free.


Always in control

Promeva helps organisations to accurately monitor the progress of their projects, programmes and result areas.


Maximum user friendliness

Regularly entering all of the relevant project information is extremely simple, and creating detailed reports requires nothing more than a click.



Promeva can be installed in the blink of an eye. The software will easily integrate with your financial system and is immediately ready for use.


Quick generation of IATI reports

Using Promeva, you can quickly and easily generate reports that satisfy the standards of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).


Pay according to use

Our pricing is simple, clear and fair. You pay a monthly fee per user, creating flexibility and scalability. You know exactly what to expect.