Introducing indicator disaggregation

Scoring on indicators is the heart of ProMEva, providing you with insight on the development of your activity. 

ProMEva now introduces indicator disaggregation which provides you with more details on your indicators. Using templates you can easily break up your overall scores into various categories. As usual ProMEva provides you with advanced configuration options to mould disaggregation to suit the needs of your organisation.

For example an indicator “The number of people with access to fresh water” can be disaggregated into an “age” group consisting of “infants”, “youth”, “adolescents”, “adults”, “seniors” and/or into another group. The groups are completely configurable.

Using indicator disaggregation is completely optional. If you do not use it, it will not be in the way

Configuring disaggregation templates

ProMEva uses disaggregation templates to guide users through the process. The templates can be created by proMEva admins.  Each template has a name and two or more elements. Templates can be published (users cannot access them unless they are published and enabled). 

When users are defining an indicator that can select one or more published templates for that indicator. By using templates an organisation can manage the way disaggregation is used and create useful reports from it.

Once a template has been published it is no longer possible to add or remove elements from it (You can however rename and re-order the elements).

Selecting disaggregation templates

When templates are published they can be activated during the indicator definition phase. Below the target comment you’ll find the disaggregation templates available. To activate a template click on the switch and make sure the totals of all baselines matches the indicator baseline and the totals of the target matches the indicator target.

Adding disaggregation scores

When you enter a score for an indicator with disaggregation, all disaggregation elements will be on the form. Note that the total of each group must match the total score!

Viewing the indicator development for each disaggregation

The chart in the indicator scoring is capable of displaying the development of each of the disaggregated elements, this allows you to keep detailed control over the projects progress down to very detailed information.


Exporting to IATI

All defined disaggregation scores will be exported to IATI using the <dimension> tag.