ProMEva is a Project management tool for Development Aid Organisations focussed on Monitoring and Evaluation.

Changes in the social, economical and technical landscape may offer challenges but also possibilities. The perspective on the role technology can and should play has opened the door to new ideas and approaches. The rise of IATI within the development community is an interesting example of this. The first standard for publishing aid activities and results is a challenge but does offer possibilities.

ProMEva successfully brings together the framework offered by IATI, the demands of the Monitoring and Evaluation unit and the vision of IT. By visualising the data that is directly entered into the system, the quality and timely delivery has significantly improved. At the same time statistical analysis in real time is now possible.

Due to the nature of ICCO, we wish to share this technology with our peers, rather than making it proprietary.


ProMEva is a web application, which means you do not have to install any software and you can use any browser to access your project data from any place in the world. Your data is safe, protected by state of the art security measures like Oauth2 and yet very accessible.

Two level support (programs & projects) allow you to stay in control over a large amount of projects. A flexible and configurable set of indicators are provided in the monitoring section which keeps you up to date with the progress of your projects in real time, displayed through dashboards.

No more worries about providing valid and timely IATI exports since ProMEva will automatically create these on a daily basis.


ICCO has partnered up with Data4Development to make ProMEva available for the aid sector.

What started as an in-house development has matured to a solid solution that fills a need within the Aid sector. Where large companies struggle to adapt their costly applications to meet the requirements of the aid sector, ProMEva was developed by specialist in the field of development aid, monitoring & evaluation and information technology. This has resulted in a solution that has seen measurable results within the first year of operation.

The response within ICCO has been very positive which quickly resulted in attention from peer organisations. Due to the nature of ICCO it quickly became obvious we should share this technology. To this purpose ICCO and Data4Development joined forces.



ProMEva is launched by Data4Development and ICCO

Decisions based on reliable data ensure more impact with increased efficiency. April 2018 sees the launch of ProMEva, an accessible application that enables development organisations to receive data back from the field that gives real-time information about the progress of a programme. With this app, the developers aim to meet a growing need in the …


If you are interested in ProMEva or want to receive additional information then please contact us. A website provides information, but nothing beats personal contact. We’re looking forward to hear from you.